Legend says...

that the remains of St. James the Apostle were discovered in a field in northwestern Spain in the 10th century.  Eventually, a cathedral was built at that spot and the city of Santiago de Compostela grew and became a major Christian pilgrimage destination, along with Jerusalem and Rome. 
Since then, pilgrims have made their way to Santiago de Compostela via a network of trails throughout Europe, known as the Camino de Santiago.  Lately the Camino de Santiago has become popular with pilgrims and hikers as well.
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Judy Colaneri is the owner of Spanish Steps, a Spain-based travel company that offers van-supported journeys along different routes of the Camino de Santiago in Spain, France and Italy.  Judy is not a Rotarian, but has developed a deep friendship with Krishna and Bonnie Arora, members of La Jolla Golden Triangle Rotary Club in San Diego, California, District 5340, who have traveled on multiple Camino routes with Spanish Steps.  Over the years she has heard about the projects they and their Rotary Club have been involved in.
One day while Krishna and Bonnie were in New Delhi, India, with a group of 10 Interact students from San Diego county on an Interact student exchange trip, Bonnie received an email from Judy.  The email said, "I was thinking that it might be nice to offer a trip on the Camino where all the benefits or profits would go to one of the foundations you are involved with...We thought of you and all the good things you do.  What do you think of this idea?...I just love what you and Krishna are doing and would love to participate in some form."