Charter Members
The Rotary Club of La Jolla Golden Triangle was chartered June 16, 1986.
Did you know that the application to Rotary International was signed by George C. Jessop of Jessop Jewelers who was the District Governor at that time?
The Original 32 Charter Members included: 
Bruce Geier
Charles LeBeau
Craig Clark - Honorary
Daniel Mitrovich
David Tansey - Active
Robert "Dewey" McDowell
Donald Glaser
Eric Freeberg -  Active
Gary Aptaker
Frank McGrath
James Schneider
Jerry Luchsinger
John Muller
John Olson
John Otto
John Stephan - Active
Keith Greenberg
Michael Bardin - Active
William "Mil" Phillips
Otto Sorenson
Phillip Goodlove
Richard Engelberg
Richard Kipperman
Robert Fouts
Pete Griffith - Active
Peter Harris
Reint Reinders
Rick Mohn
Stephen Brown - Active
Steve Terris
Ted Owen 
William "Bill" Busch - Active
Past Presidents of "The Most Dynamic Rotary Club in the World!"
37) Nancy Gatschet is the 37th President of the Rotary Club of La Jolla Golden Triangle for the Rotary Year 2022-2023
36) Jacquie Reilly is the Immediate Past President 2021-2022
35) Emidio DelConte served as President 2020-21
34) Kim Schafer served as President 2019-20
33) Rick Binder served as President 2018-19
32) Alex Monroe served as President 2017-18
31) Dr. Antonio Grillo-Lopez served as President 2016-17
30) Bev Fritschner served as President 2015-16
29) Ron Kohl served as President 2014-15
28) Brett Morey served as President 2013-14, served as Youth Chair for District 5340 from 2016-18 and is the Founder of Surfers Unite Rotarian Fellowship
27) Susan Schwarz served as President 2012-13
26) Romik Kesian served as President 2011-12
25) Dory Beatrice-Griffith served as President 2010-11
24) Louise Andres served as President 2009-10 and was District Governor for Rotary 5340 in 2014-15
23) Linda Stouffer-Wallace served as President 2008-09
22) Jay Hatfield served as President 2007-08
21) Dale Barnes served as President 2006-07
20) Dr. Cynthia Villis was our 20th President serving 2005-06
19) Mike Schwarz served as President 2004-05
18) Pam Russell served as President 2003-04 and served as District Governor Rotary 5340 in 2008-09
17) Don Hoover served as President 2002-03
16) Jim Davies served as President 2001-02
15) Bonnie Brunner served as President 2000-01 and was our first "Woman President"
14) Rick Clark served as President 1999-00
13) Mil Phillips served as President 1998-99
12) Bob Vaughn served as President 1997-98
11) Michael Bardin served as President 1996-97
10) Carl Lower was our 10th President serving 1995-96
9) Bill Radcliffe served as President 1994-95
8) Pete Griffith served as President 1993-94
7) Bobby Foushee served as President 1992-93
6) Ron Phillips served as President 1991-92
5) Stephen Brown served as President 1990-91 and later served as District Governor Rotary 5340 and as a Rotary Trustee Board Member
4) Dan Mitrovic served as President 1989-90
3) Reint Reinders served as President 1988-89
2) Ted Owen served as President 1987-88
1) Dewey McDowell was a Charter Member and served as our first President 1986-87