We serve through the Avenues of Service as set forth by Rotary International
La Jolla Golden Triangle Rotary's commitment to "Service Above Self" is channeled through the Avenues of Service, which offer club members a framework for following their passion and implementing projects that have a positive impact locally and globally.  Each Avenue has many projects and some of those projects are supported by Rotarians, and funds, from more than one Avenue.  Club Service projects are supported only by members' dues and donations - never from general fundraising efforts.
Work Projects that Build a Better Community
La Jolla Golden Triangle Rotary is proud of our major work projects that build a better community with the local police, military, schools and across border Rotary partners.  We maximize our impact by combining grants and donations with our construction know-how and volunteer support.  The results are impressive!  Volunteers at all skill levels can participate.  Each project has a major dose of fun and fellowship and, most importantly, appreciation from our beneficiaries.  Check out our list of past projects and photos before and after. These projects provide those "Feel Good" moments that Rotarians enjoy.